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Travel in Japan,Kakunodate

Feel the flow of history through the “Little Kyoto of Michinoku,” the town that brings its historical atmosphere to life.

Kakunodate is a quiet town in the east of Akita. It is enclosed on three sides by mountains, and the Hinokinai-gawa River runs southwards through it. The original shape of the town was formed at the beginning of the 17th century, and from then on it developed as a castle town. The town has a refined (‘miyabi’ in Japanese), elegant feel (‘iki’ in Japanese) , and is called the “Little Kyoto of Michinoku.”
A large number of samurai houses remain in Kakunodate, making this town one of the best for seeing the layout of a Japanese castle town and the style of samurai houses. Some of the main houses are those of the well-known samurai warriors Ishiguro, Aoyagi and Nishimiya, which are open to public. There are also shrines, temples and merchants’ storehouses, which seem to surround the town and give visitors the feeling that the history of Kakunodate is still alive today.

The Hinokinai-gawa River is lined with cherry trees for two kilometers. The tunnel of cherry blossoms that forms along the riverbanks in spring is beautiful, and has been designated as a national beauty spot. Even after the flower season, the banks are loved by the townspeople as a pleasant walking course – first there are the cherry tree leaves, then luscious shades of green in summer, followed by the autumn tints.

Many traditional events are held throughout the four seasons in Kakunodate. If you come at the right time you can enjoy: the Sakura-matsuri Festival (cherry blossom festival) in spring; the Sasara-mai Dance in summer, in which people dance while they rhythmically rub two ‘sasara’ bamboo whisks) together; the stirring Oyama-matsuri Festival in autumn, in which floats collide with one another; and the Hiburi Kamakura in winter, in which a straw bag on the end of a rope is set afire and swung around to pray for good health.

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Travel in Japan, Akita

Facing the Japan Sea, this area has abundant rivers and flat lands. Festivals abound, representing the many regions.

Akita Prefecture is situated in the northeastern part of the Japanese main island. The western side faces the Sea of Japan and has abundant flowing rivers, flatlands, and expanses of grain growing on fertile farmlands. High mountains surround the northern, southern and eastern sides. The inland areas are blanketed with heavy snowfalls in the winter.
Akita’s attraction is its many varied facets of nature’s beauty. These include, Lake Tazawa-ko, the deepest lake in Japan, Lake Towada-ko, known for its mystic beauty, the Oga-hanto Peninsula with its beautiful coast line and colorful sunsets, the scenic Hachimantai Plateau, and Mt. Chokai-san, also known as Dewa (Akita) Fuji.

Akita has many traditional festivities and unique events throughout the year. The Akita Kanto-matsuri Festival of the Tohoku region, the Kamakura (snow huts) Festival in Yokote, and the Namahage-Sedo Festival in Oga, in which people dressed as demons knock on doors to bless people on a winter night, are all worth seeing.

Akita is also known as a rice-farming region. You can try various local specialties such as the ‘Kiritanpo-nabe’ stew made of rice, and ‘jizake,’ or locally brewed sake (rice wine).

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Travel in Japan

When you travel in Japan, one of the most famous tourist Attraction is the Mount Fuji, which located in the outskirts of Tokyo is also one of the world’s most beautiful peak. Snow-capped peak of Mount Fuji, the Japanese relish topic.

Beauty of Mount Fuji is Japan’s symbol, elevation 3776 meters, is the highest mountain in Japan, the Japanese Bong it as “sacred mountain”, “Fuji Mountain,” for many years has been the Japanese writers and artists Acura theme. In Japan, people think, “Only the man who can climb on the  Mount Fuji is the hero,” Which is the same as the Chinese speaking ” He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.”

The cost for 6days traveling in Japan from China is about ¥5780 for one person. The detail arrangement as follows:

Day 1: Beijing / Osaka NH160 (1435-1820)
Japan’s All Nippon Airways flight traveling from Beijing to Osaka, Kansai International Airport
Ride to Osaka’s Kansai Airport near the hotel check-in formalities to take a break.

Reference Hotels: Hotel Sunroute Kansai Airport
Hotel Address: Osaka, Izumiotsu 107
Hotel Tel :0725-20-1111
Hotel Fax :0725-31-1313

Day 2: Osaka / Kyoto
The three city tour of Japan – Osaka Castle Park, viewing cherry blossoms (about 40 minutes), the most prosperous business district in Osaka – Shinsaibashi free shopping (about 1 hour)
※ at their own expense to experience Osaka – Kyoto Shinkansen high-speed trains, tour the city of Kyoto Station vault of heaven, Kyoto Isetan department store building (refer to Fee: 3,000 yen / per person)
Tour the World Heritage ★ Kyoto Kiyomizu-dera viewing cherry blossoms, a quiet stroll along the Trail, “Shimizu Osaka” experience the beauty of the ancient city of Kyoto (about 40 minutes), Nishijin Kimono Center enjoy the show (about 40 minutes)
Reference Hotels: Loews Hotel Ogaki
Hotel Address: Palais-cho 1-13 Ogaki City,
Hotel Tel :0584-81-0111
Hotel fax; 0584-73-4312
Day 3: Mount Fuji
Ride to the famous tourist resort in Japan – Fuji-Hakone National Park, visit Hakone Peace Park to view cherry blossoms, paid their respects Sakyamuni Buddha stupa (about 40 minutes), visit smoke-filled valley of Hot Springs – Hakone Tai Chung Valley, overlooking Mount Fuji, Lake Ashi photographic pictures (about 1 hour)
※ Select tour at their own expense five co-head of Mount Fuji, Mount Fuji boarding majestic view of Mount Fuji (about 40 minutes)
(Reference Cost: 3,000 yen / per person, including the bus pass fee for road closures due to snow may cancel)Reference Hotel: Lake Yamanaka Star Resort & Spa
Hotel Address: Mountain Village Hirano 2160
Hotel Tel :0555-65-6622

Day 4: Yokohama / Tokyo
Ride to Yokohama, visit Yokohama Chinatown, Yamashita Park, enjoy the beauty of the harbor (about 1 hour)
Japanese Traditional Culture Street – Senso-ji Temple (about 1 hour). Tokyo’s famous Akihabara Electric Street LAOX (Suning) electrical shops and large sub-free shopping duty-free shops (each about 40 minutes) to visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government big observatory (about 30 minutes) tour of Tokyo’s most bustling commercial district – Shinjuku Kabukicho (about 1 hour)
Reference Hotels: Tokyo Chapter Rice Hotel
Hotel Address: Kiba, Koto-ku 2-1-1
Hotel Tel :03-3642-0011
Hotel Fax :03-3643-4835

Day 5: Tokyo
Trip one:
Double Bridge Tour Palace Square, viewing cherry blossoms (about 30 minutes)
※ all-day tour at their own expense of major theme parks – Tokyo Disneyland, watching the road show dress
Reference Price: 8,500 yen / per person for adults, 6,700 yen / per child
(Including Tokyo Disneyland tour ticket, bus transportation costs, excluding lunch and dinner)
Stroke 2:
Double Bridge Tour Palace Square, viewing cherry blossoms (about 30 minutes)
※ at their own expense tour of Tokyo Bay, Odaiba Caihong Cheng, Toyota Exhibition Center, Venus Shopping Center (about 2 hours), visit the Imperial Palace East Gardens and the 1000 Bird Lake to view cherry blossoms, Ginza Ginza commercial street and Circuit City Free time for shopping.
Reference Price: 5,000 yen / person (including bus transportation costs, lunch and dinner)

Note: The above itinerary based on personal preferences alternatively participate, according to the Government of Japan provides guests a tourist visa shall not be a separate activity from the group.
Reference Hotel: Narita Nikko Hotel
Hotel Address: Narita City, take Xiang 500
Hotel Tel :0476-32-0032
Hotel Fax :0476-32-3993

Day 6: Tokyo / Beijing
Ride to Tokyo’s Narita International Airport
NH905 (1035-1315)
Japan’s All Nippon Airways flight traveling from Tokyo’s Narita International Airport returned to the capital Beijing

What’s more in spring, if you travel in Japan, you can have a great view of  cherry blossoms, and any other celebration.

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